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Come and see our extensive line of used tires

Come check our extensive line of used tires.
Come and see our extensive line of used tires of all brands and models at the best prices.
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New tires of any size for cars and trucks. We Also have a complete line of VERSUS wheels.
We have the best customer service call us.
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About Us

We offer a wide variety of tires visit us and find the ones you need.

We are your reliable destination for high-quality new and used tires. From our establishment, we take pride in offering a wide range of options to meet our customers' needs for tires for vehicles of all kinds. Founded over a decade ago, A4A Tire Co. #3 has been a benchmark in the tire industry, committed to providing quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices. Our solid reputation is built on experience, integrity, and a dedication to meeting the changing demands of our customers.

Our Products

We offer an extensive selection of new and used tires from leading brands in the market. Whether you're looking for tires for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, or even commercial vehicles, we have options to suit all tastes and budgets. Our inventory includes high-performance tires for those seeking sporty handling, as well as all-terrain tires, perfect for off-road adventures. In addition to our tires, we also provide complementary services such as mounting, balancing, and alignment performed by trained professionals who ensure your vehicle is road-ready with tires that meet the highest safety standards.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

At A4A Tire Co. #3, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a hassle-free shopping experience, offering expert advice and personalized attention to help you find the ideal tires for your vehicle and specific needs. Our team is committed to ensuring that every customer leaves satisfied with their purchase. We understand the importance of having reliable and safe tires for your vehicle, so we make sure that all used tires we sell meet our rigorous quality standards to ensure road safety.

Visit Us

Visit us at our new location. We invite you to visit our store and discover our extensive catalog of new and used tires. Our team will be delighted to assist you and help you find the perfect tires for your vehicle. At A4A Tire Co. #3, you'll find quality, experience, and exceptional service with every visit. Thank you for considering A4A Tire Co. #3 for all your tire needs!

825 N. Andreasen Dr., Escondido, CA 92029

Best quality in used tires!

At Tire Co. in A4A, you can find used tires from the best quality for your vehicle. We have more than 10,000 tires in stock for all kinds of cars and trucks at competitive prices.

If you are looking to replace the tires on your vehicle, we have tires of all sizes and any model, with packages ranging from $120 for a full set of tires. For years, we have been serving the Escondido and San Diego California community, offering a wide variety of tires for cars and trucks.

Our staff is trained to make finding your wheels a unique experience. They are experienced and can help you find the tires that you need for your vehicle in any of our stores.

We also have a complete line of VERSUS wheels, in different colors and styles that adapt to the needs and model of your vehicle. Do not settle with simple wheels, make sure your car is in the spotlight at the different styles we have for you at the best prices.

A4A Tire Co 3 location.

Visit or call us and ask for measures of wheels and tires you need, so just come to pick them up at any of our three locations.

Get one year of free service when buying a package of tires!

We Have Tires from the Best Brands

Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Firestone, Cooper, Hankook, Yokohama, Dunlop,

BFGoodrich (Bridgestone/Firestone), Toyo Tires, Kumho, Falken, Nitto, General Tire, Sumitomo, Nexen, Maxxis, Mickey Thompson.

Why do We Recommend Using Tires in Good Condition?

Road Safety
Worn-out or damaged tires significantly increase the risk of accidents. Poor tires have less grip, which can lead to loss of control, especially in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, or ice. Maintaining tires in good condition is crucial for traction, stability, and braking capability.
Fuel Efficiency
Worn-out or under-inflated tires can negatively impact fuel efficiency. Tires in poor condition create more friction and rolling resistance, making the engine work harder and consume more fuel. Properly inflated tires with adequate tread depth can contribute to better fuel efficiency.
Vehicle Durability
Poor tires can cause uneven wear on other parts of the vehicle, such as suspension and steering systems. This can lead to expensive repairs or premature wear of other vehicle components. Keeping tires in good condition helps preserve the structural integrity and proper functioning of other vehicle systems.
Driving Comfort:
Tires in poor condition can cause vibrations, excessive noise, or even handling difficulties. Maintaining tires in good condition provides a smoother, quieter, and more comfortable driving experience, contributing to overall driving pleasure.
Compliance with the Law
Many places have regulations and laws requiring vehicles to have tires in proper condition. Driving with worn-out or damaged tires can result in fines or legal penalties. Keeping tires in good condition is not only crucial for your safety and that of others but also helps you comply with road regulations.

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